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L.O.E.S. loves sustainability

We care about now and our friends and their factories. Our motto: Treat others as you like to be treated. Respect, trust and loyalty result into great teamwork and good working conditions. With local production in European only, we are able to deliver fast and reduce pollution to a minimum. Our collections guarantee great fits, durable fabrics and just-right styles that are not going to go out of fashion any time soon. So you can buy less, choose well and make it last. In 2016 we joined the Dutch Covenant for sustainability in the textiles industry, and we are continuing to make sustainability a priority in the way we run our business. And by simply caring for your clothes and wearing them for longer, you are also contributing to a more sustainable fashion future.

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L.O.E.S. loves travel quality

We love to mix the real with the imaginary to create unique collections made with love, for the moments we love. The LOES collection is high quality leisure wear that always consists of a variety of comfy wearables such as cotton elastin, mesh, baby fleece, jog travel, lurex, poplin and different jerseys. Besides these local and durable fabrics from our friends in Portugal, the LOES collection also contains Travel Quality. It’s our production partner Eurojersey in Italy who makes this Sensitive Fabric for us. A unique combination of Polyamide and Lycra with a compact structure of micro fibres, which makes the fabric very comfortable to wear, sustainable and even non-pilling and moisturizing. Feel it and you will LOVE TRAVEL too! (available from fall 2019)

Quick Dry

wrinkle free

Super Stretch

Chlorine Resistant

Pilling Free


UV Protected

Amazing Comfort

Easy Care